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    Zippy Rock

    The Zippy Rock is an intermediate step. With a special outrigger design, the Zippy is perfect for learning to ride the angles with a bit of a helping hand.

    • A reduced overall diameter making it lower to the ground.
    • A wider primary riding surface allowing for increased contact with the riding surface and deck.
    • A reduced degree of taper allowing for decreased angulation.
    • An increased overall length thereby decreasing maneuverability.
    • The primary difference of the Zippy rock design lies in the OUTRIGGERS. Often refereed to as "The Knobs". These outriggers are designed to act similarly to training wheels on a bicycle. When toe or heal pressure is applied, these outriggers provide a point of reference for the rider as the rock tips up on end creating awareness for the degree of taper and angulation under foot.

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