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    Longboard 36


    The Longboard 36 is a blast to ride as it replicates the soulful feel of surfing a longboard while providing one of the best balance workouts you can get, all without leaving your living room.

    The Longboard 36 is produced in the USA using locally sustainable North American maple veneers and decorated with classic surf rocker and graphics. These features, combined with a contoured hard-maple 24-inch laminated rail, classic longboard nose, retro style swallow tail and barefoot friendly top make this board the perfect dry-land trainer for surfing, stand-up paddling and many other balance oriented sports.

    Below the beautiful deck is a challenging hard-maple 5" diameter rock with a reduced primary riding surface and quick radial taper.  With this combination of deck and rock, you have a combo designed to turn, spin, rotate, dive and maneuver in any direction while increasing overall balance and core strength.

    "The new Longboard 36 is the yin and yang of balance boards" according to designers Brew Moscarello and Del Hawbaker, “as it meets the demands of both the most radical board sports enthusiast while answering the call for that barefoot, soulful, fluid ride right in your own home.”

    • Sustainable North American maple deck
    • 36 inches long
    • 24 Inch laminated rail
    • Rockered shape
    • Hard-Maple 5 inch diameter rock
    • Barefoot friendly top surface
    • Made in the USA

    WAS £189.95

    £ 170.96

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    Extend your Longboard 36 further with these accessories:

    Riding Mat


    Foam Teeter


    Butter Nub


    Pickle Nub


    Ready to buy?


    The Vew-Do Longboard 36 is a Very impressive, great quality, beautiful balance board. Made like a small surf board, and moves like a dream, Offering a smooth ride, with a lot of challenges, and training purposes. The rail system provides for security and swift movement on the accompanying large rounded Rock. Made in the USA by a company that produces superior products that stand behind them. I own three different Vew-Do boards and highly recommend them all. You would not be disappointed with the purchase of the versatile 36 model, if you are looking to buy the best, Vew-Do has them all. This one is a winner. Great for balance training for any type sport, and just plain fun to ride.


    I really love this thing, its so much fun. Its always out in my living room, whenever anyone comes over they love to try it. Its very sturdy and well made. I weigh over 250lbs and I use it almost every day and its still in excellent condition. I really enjoy it. One of the best purchases i've ever made.


    I love this board! It is such a great tool to improve balance, and coordination skills needed for snowboarding and surfing. Both of which I do. Very well made , and definitely worth the money!


    Love the longboard. Wish it had the 101 rock.

    Jane Stillson

    Got the longboard a few weeks ago and love it. I can ride on carpet and already feel a difference in my core, hips, ankles and knees. So much fun while getting a great workout in.


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