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    Free Returns and Exchange

    There are two scenarios in which it may become necessary for you to return the products you have purchased from us:

    1.  The product is faulty.

    If the product is faulty, damaged or broken when you receive delivery, we will ask you to return the product to us in its original packaging.  We will provide a full refund and reimburse you for the return postage costs OR provide you with a replacement product and reimburse you the return postage costs for the returned product.


    2. You would like to return or exchange.

    If, when you receive your products, you decide you no longer want them you can return them to us and we will refund you for the product.  We are unable to refund you postage costs or reimburse you for return postage costs in this case.

    If you would like to exchange a product you have bought we will also do this free of charge.  We may need to charge or refund you the difference in value between the product you have bought from us and the product you would like to exchange it for.  We may also need to charge for the additional carriage.  Please ensure products returned to us for exchange are sent in their original packaging.  We will not accept damaged products for exchange.

    Would you like to become a stockist? Contact Us today and speak to Mark.