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    Balance Guide

    Discover Football Balance Board Core Strength and Balance Training

    All football players want the same thing. It starts with pee wee football on the local Pop Warner fields and progresses through high school and maybe even college, however, every player dreams about getting a shot at playing in the NFL.

    Every one of the desired positional skill-sets listed below is trainable, but they all require exceptional balance and strength in addition to athletic ability.

    • Quarterbacks want to throw long spirals for touchdowns and avoid sacks.
    • Offensive linemen want to open wide holes and pancake their opponent on every play.
    • Running backs want to score by running over and away from linebackers and defensive backs.
    • Defensive backs want to stick to receivers like glue and pick-off passes.
    • Defensive linemen and linebackers want sacks and bone-crushing tackles.
    • Receivers want to out-run the secondary and catch any pass they can touch.
    • And every skill position player is obsessed with their 40 yard dash time.

    Superior football players have great balance. That's why their movements are graceful and effortless. They also have the strength to move their opponents around, tackle them or avoid being tackled.

    Because Vew-Do Balance Boards have the versatility to train athletes for improved balance recovery as well as the core strength and power necessary to play the game, the NFL teams listed below have added Vew-Do Balance Board training into their performance and conditioning programs over the past 12 years.

    • Pittsburg Steelers
    • Dallas Cowboys
    • Miami Dolphins
    • Philadelphia Eagles
    • Oakland Raiders
    • Chicago Bears
    • Tennessee Titans

    Without balance, core strength and stability of the lower back and abdomen, fundamental football skills like blocking and tackling, passing and catching are difficult to improve. If your basic skills are weak, you have little chance of progressing to the next level. Here's a short list of Vew-Do Board balance and strength training exercises:

    For Balance:

    • Lateral balance training
    • Vertical balance training
    • Heel/Toe balance training
    • Static balance training
    • Perturbation training

    For Strength:

    • Dips
    • Squats
    • Lunges
    • Cleans
    • Snatches
    • Push-ups
    • Plyometrics
    • Isometrics

    Both balance and strength training can be under load using weights, resistance bands and even your own body weight.

    The versatility of Vew-Do's balance boards also help athletes like football players increase performance when used for training in the following areas.

    • Maintaining core balance & stability over center
    • Recruiting large and secondary muscle groups for balance recovery
    • Increasing muscular strength and endurance
    • Elevating speed, agility, quickness and power
    • Improving micro-motor skills
    • Rehabbing, injury prevention and improving joint stability

    Today, players, coaches and trainers are continuously developing training protocols to take every athlete to higher levels of performance.

    Luckily, you don't have to be a pro athlete to use the same training methods and equipment the pros use. This is where a Vew-Do Balance Board steps in and fills the void. Two a-days, running hills and sprints and blocking sleds aren't a whole lot of fun, however, they are necessary for football training and they work.

    Training on a Vew-do board is different than the standard football training protocols because the board is fun and exciting to use, even though it's a training tool. Nothing can replace on-field play like passing, catching, blocking and tackling, but Vew-Do training will help you realize your dreams.


    NUB Ideal for all ages. Nub balance boards are low to the ground with 360 degrees of rotational balance.

    Butter Nub

    Butter Nub

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    Speciality Ultimate performance for advanced balancers. The Surf 33 is the longest board we stock requiring greater strength and skill to master.

    Surf 33

    Surf 33


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    Customer Review for Ubalance

    I've been using my vew do flow board everyday since it arrived. Ubalance was the cheapest I could find after loads of researching for the best boards and uk stockists. Mark was very helpful and it arrived quickly. There's loads more exercises than I thought, including press ups, squats and side to side plank. I would highly recommend these boards and Ubalance.

    Anthony Hassall

    Performance Designed for anyone really serious about balance training.




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    El Dorado

    El Dorado


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    Want to learn? Read the Balance Guide

    Loads of easy-to-read articles, pictures, videos and diagrams to help you get balancing like a pro.

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    FITNESS Ultimate flexibility, use these balance boards standing or in the plank position.

    Zone Fitness

    Zone Fitness


    Available in three colours

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    Zone Standup

    Zone Standup


    Available in three colours

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